Project Runway Week 12 – The Finale Challenge

One-Sentence Summary:  The designers create mini-collections with a little help from their friends.

My Thoughts:

Yeah, your tears don't interest me. Let's talk about your designs.

Rachel:  Uhhh… I have a bone to pick with my DVR system.  When I say record all new episodes of Project Runway, it should know that that includes the After The Runway show.  I had no idea this little slice of heaven existed!  Honestly, I think my DVR should have intuited that I would want to watch that.  Only makes sense, no?  Ok, fine.  I know I should be more on the ball but I’m just thinking it would be helpful for some DVR love.  Thankfully, I was able to stream the two episodes on and see the cast members having to own up to their comments and behavior.  It was also validating to hear that the majority of you out there are on the same page as I am when it comes to the designers.  I think Laura Bennett really tried to get some answers from Josh who could not handle being confronted about his behavior.  Shame, really.  That was his chance to own his diva moments and win over a few haters.  But the happiest moment for me was seeing Nick Verreos from Season 2.  He’s still one of my all-time faves.  He looked so dapper in that suit… If not a bit tanorexic.  I’m hoping that’s from a tropical vacation and not too much time in the shake & bake bed.  Anyway, he was on it!  Thank you to the producers of Project Runway for giving us this new little treat.  I toast you with the last of my Fontanyl Rosé.

Three Times The Fun

The designers set out for Governors Island to meet Tim and hear about their last challenge. Each designer must create 3 looks that demonstrate a range of designs inspired by Governors Island and the outdoor sculpture exhibition by artist Mark di Suvero... And by range, you can't make 3 gowns or 3 pantsuits. I believe he's talking to you, Anya.

Look, I get that they’re designers so they take fashion to the next level.  I also get that my fashion sense isn’t as refined or as “forward” as their, but why must Josh wear super summery clothes (i.e. – shorts) with super inappropriate footwear (i.e. – sock garters & now combat boots).  I don’t think that’s as much fashion forward as it is, um, wrong.  That being said, I’m glad we are finally getting a challenge where the designers are, for all intents & purposes, going to be able to really be free with their designs.  Granted, we haven’t had our Tim-in-the-workroom-with-a-surprise moment.

The Surprise

It's time for Tim's surprise twist and he comes wielding the infamous button bag. But it's good new today. The last five eliminated designers are back to give the current designers a helping hand. Kimberly gets to go first & picks Becky. Viktor takes Olivier. Laura picks Anthony Ryan. Anya picks Bert, which leaves Josh with Bryce.

My times are changing when Becky gets picked first and Bert isn’t the last sad man standing.  Yay, Bert!  I like that he’s not the object of everyone’s ire anymore.  Well, he might be in Josh’s crosshairs since he is going to be giving Anya sewing assistance.  He was still irritated with her when the show started tonight and I can’t imagine this is at all helpful.  I mean she can’t make a jacket on her own.  Off with her head!

Don’t Speak

The eliminated designers have walked into a much tenser workroom than they left and quickly realize they are there to work. Period.

Oh, there’s no more teamwork of any kind happening on Season 13.  Do not get it twisted.  This is the last challenge before presenting mini-collections that will determine who gets to go to Fashion Week so there is no messing around.  This does not sit well with Olivier who has brought a lovely attitude back with him.  That little timid act is gone and bitchy bratty Olivier has shown up in his place. He doesn’t like that he gets no input on Viktor’s designs and feels he is being treated like a slave. Um, you get no input because you’re no longer a contestant.  How fun for Viktor.  Meanwhile, on the other side of the room, Josh is still fuming about the last challenge.  He’s purchased a one-way ticket on the shit-talk train.  How fun for Bryce.

Shhh… Designers Working

Tim comes to visit and finds a very quiet workroom.

Tim is concerned about Laura’s circular patterned designs.  Too much, lady.  Too much.  Kimberly tell Tim she is all about “new beginnings”.  Well it would be new except she went back to her love of lamé… At least, this time it’s silver instead of gold.  Tim is concerned.  He is finally liking a collection when he visits Viktor.  He thinks it’s sophisticated.  Good thing Olivier second-guessed his work.  Tim also is excited about Josh’s look.  However, I can’t tell if it’s scared excitement or happy excitement but he encourages Josh to take risks.  Tim visits Anya and he reminds her about doing a range.  She’s doing two dresses and a jumper.  Does that count?  Maybe.  All I know is that it’s getting uglier by the minute in that workroom.  Sounds like a steam pipe busted with all the hissing going on.

Guest Judge

Guest Judge Zoe Saldana

We are told that Zoe Saldana is an actress (duh) and owner of the website.  What is this?  Why don’t I know about it?  Hold please while I look it up…  Ahh, it’s a database that is a resource for all things fashion.  In their words:  We organize fashion credits of all the latest covers, campaigns, and editorials from publications and brands around the world.  My words:  Cool.

Week 12 Runway


The white dress is cute. I like the black mes but it's nothing extra special. The vest & skirt - Um... what? Someone in the workroom said she needs a baton and I'm going to have to agree. The silver dress - I don't quite get it.


The jacket - I actually like it. I can't wear orange to save my life but i like. The top & skirt - Laura said it looks like it has a goiter but I kinda think it's cool. The top is super sexy. As for the dress, I think it's interesting. I think it would be cooler if there was less, um, goiter on the bottom.


The jacket & skirt - I think the jacket is cute but would have been better with black cigarette pants. The pink dress - It looks like a nightgown. Not a fan. The long dress - It reminds of the dress Mondo did with the polka dots. I kinda like it, but it reminds me of a fabric I'd see on a chair in Julianne Moore's house in A Single Man. Very 60's mod.


The black dress - That's super cute but possibly too short in back. Well, for me. Not for a supermodel. The pantsuit - It's pretty cool. I love the top. The white dress - This is my least favorite of the collection but it works with the other two pieces. I think she managed to make the most stylish collection.


The jacket & pants - That boy can make a jacket. That's for sure. I love it. The skirt & blouse - I think this is what Kimberly was trying to do but it's kind of a boring outfit. The dress - I'm not sure how i feel about the bubble hips but it's a good simple LBD.

The Final Five

The Final Five line up for the good & bad news.

Josh – Michael says he showed diversity but maybe it’s too much.  Zoe likes the concept of the white dress but she doesn’t like the silver gown.  Heidi likes the gown but thinks the fabric is inexpensive.  Nina says he should have lined it to make it look less cheap.  Micahel says the glitter and shine turns him on but it can go cheap quickly.

Kimberly – Zoe loves the dress and thinks the pink shoes are sexy.  Michael says the dress is strongest piece, but she tailored the coat out of a paper towel.  It’s an odd color palette to him. Heidi sees three different girls.  Nina loves the dress but doesn’t like the skirt.  Kimberly then has a moment on the runway explaining herself as if she’s getting eliminated.  Heidi asks if she’s saying “goodbye”.  Kimberly says she’s not and we are all a bit confused by the whole situation.

Laura – Heidi thinks she seems nervous, which causes Laura to have a moment, as well.  She starts crying and rambling about being a designer since she was 8.  Heidi would like to move on to the outfits and says the gown is her favorite.  Nina thinks the pink dress looks like it took 2 minutes to make.  Zoe says the skirt looks like a slip and the pink dress is a pillow case.  Michael thinks the gown is most certainly the strongest piece.  The jacket and skirt are mom-ish looking. He thinks to choke now is a shame.  Yikes.

Anya – Nina thinks there are different angles to the outfits and they are very modern. It’s a coheisve collection.  Heidi thinks the black dress is very cool & fashion forward.  She likes white but it looks like a sheet.  Michael likes the collection. It’s very sophisticated and he likes that she is pushing herself.  She understands women’s bodies. Zoe loves the futuristic tone.

Viktor – Heidi is amazed by what he can do.  It’s one of the best examples of sewing but there are not enough ideas.  There’s not one piece she has to have.  Nina likes the touches of orange, but agrees he could  turn up the volume a little bit.  Zoe likes the “secretary” look and thinks the drape at the hip helps it not look like a uniform.  She doesn’t like the boning on the hip of the black dress.  Michael says it’s the most commercial collection.  These are the clothes that are going to sell and that womean are going to wear, but wouldn’t mind the volume turned up because it needs the runway punch.

The judges then ask each designer why they should go to Fashion Week and who should go with them.  Josh says with time to focus, he will bring something great.  He would take Viktor & Anya.  Really?  After all the smack talk?  Kimberly wants to change face of fashion.  She would take Anya & Laura.  Anya should go because her POV is solid and unique.  She would take Josh & Viktor.  Ooh, forsaking your girls.  Tsk tsk.  Laura believes she brings a strong set of skills & drive.  She would take Viktor & Anya.  Viktor says this is his passion & he can’t live without it.  He would take Josh & Anya.

So everyone is taking Anya and no one is taking Kimberly.  Ouch.

And The Winners Are…

Anya wins and is going to do a mini-collection with Viktor, Josh & Kimberly. That means Laura is out and is going straight to Neiman Marcus for some retail therapy.

Aw, group hug with Tim.  I think Anya & Viktor are the definite front-runners for two of the Fashion Week slots.  It will be very interesting to see what Josh does on his own.  I think Kimberly has the goods but I think she’s gonna have to push the envelope a bit.  I’m gonna put my money on Kimberly.  I mean it’s only $5, but you know in this economy, every penny counts.

Bottom Line:  We’re in the home stretch, kiddies!  It’s time for Tim to visit the designers, see what they’ve been up to & voice his concerns.  From the previews, one of those concerns may be Anya getting outside help which is a no-no.  Don’t tell Josh.


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