RHONJ – Portrait of an Italian Family – 200 or less

Since it’s the finale – I’m throwing in a bonus 100 words (in hopes I can rant a bit about Ashley).  Tonight I’m having a lovely rosé from Ventimiglia Vineyard a local NJ winery I picked up a month ago at my farmers’ market to pay homage to the finale of my peeps.  Thank you Jersey Girls, it’s been a crazy year.  Let’s just hope the finale hold its own – Cheers!

Lauren just happens to have a copy of Teresa's latest cookbook - highlighted to all the sections that bash the Manzo clan. This will not end well, just sayin'

It’s a Gorga family portrait to bring the families together – m’kay – methinks Teresa just wants an excuse for another picture of herself.  Oh sweet Ashley’s eye rolls (drink), Uncle Jamie warns her not to tell people her tat is a ‘swallow’. (like that wasn’t her game).  Why is she still living in the house??  I’ve said it before… grow up, quit being a spoiled lazy bitch – get a job and pay a bill or two, maybe then people will respect you.  Caroline is visited by her kids at her radio show… I dig how this family loves and supports each other.  Kathy is growing on me… she really does love her family.  Photo time and Teresa wants to make nice-nice… anyone else see those crossed fingers?  OK, so apparently the moral of this season… Family, it’s what’s for dinner.   Oops, no, it’s what’s important – sorry, too much tv.  On that I’ll agree.  Here we go with Teresa’s cookbook comments… seems has decided to attack.  “Caroline is as Italian as the Olive Garden” – oh snap!  You don’t go after Caroline… oh no you don’t!  That reunion is gonna get ugly folks… hmmm… what wine goes with bitterness and deceit?

Much like migratory birds, it is time for us to leave the Housewives of the North and head South for the winter… BRING ON THE ATLANTA BITCHES!!  I love these ladies and their craziness!


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