Project Runway Week 11 – This Is For The Birds

One-Sentence Summary:  The designers create high-fashion styles inspired by exotic birds.

My Thoughts:

Angry Bird

Rachel:  The title of tonight’s episode is not inspiring me.  I’m not gonna lie.  I’m already feeling that this season is for the birds so I’ve, honestly, already got the yawns.  But I’m here.  I’ve got my Mulderbosch rosé in hand and I’m ready to give it a shot.  The show… not the wine.  I already know I like the wine.  OK… Some predictions since I have your attention:  Now that Anthony Ryan is gone, I think I’m going Team Viktor.  Anya definitely has talent but I don’t think she’s got the sewing chops that Viktor does.  She’ll be at Fashion Week with him for sure though.  I’m not sure if Laura or Josh is going to be the third.  I’m leaning toward Laura.  I think her taste level is better than Josh’s.  He can’t help bedazzling and blinging everything to the hilt.  If he can control it, he’s got a shot.  But I’m going Viktor, Anya & Laura.  You heard it here first.

Le Défi Des Oiseaux

Heidi says it's time to spread their wings and elevate their designs. What does that mean? Well, let's have Tim tell us. The birds are the inspiration for a high-fashion design. The winning look will be featured in a L'Oreal advertorial in Marie Claire which features a new eyeshadow collection inspired by... wait for it... wait for it... birds. The winner also gets $20k. Oh and it's another team challenge.

Kimberly is over the team challenges.  So am I.  They are head-to-head teams though and they are battling against their partner.  Oh, a twist.  Yeah…. Hmmm… Honestly, doesn’t make me any less over team challenges.  It’s really annoying already.  I have to think that the powers that be aren’t overly confident in the fashion on its own this season so they are coming up with these ridiculous twists to push the ratings.  Look, this isn’t America’s Next Top Model.  We don’t want Tyra-esque alien challenges.  We want fashion.  It’s why we tune in.  There are very few reality shows that need to push the envelope into the ridiculous (ie – The Housewives go to Morocco) to make it interesting.  I thought this was one of them.  Perhaps I was wrong.

The Teams:  The teams are Laura vs Anya (Their inspiration is the raven), Viktor vs Kimberly (Cockatoo), and Josh vs Bert (Amazon Parrot).

The Wrench

The designers are deep in their designing when Tim comes in with his party wrench. Yes, the designers have to design a second high-fashion look. They also only get one model so the models will have to change outfits backstage.

Oh, the designers are not happy.  They were already scraping the bottom of the inspiration barrel to get a first design.  Now, a second with the same inspiration.  Ok, this could be interesting.  I’m hoping… Nay, praying…. We see some cool looks coming down the runway this week.  You have to imagine the raven will inspire some cool looks at least.  Right?  Anya & Laura need to channel their dark sides and rock the runway.  They can call me if they need help.  I have enough dark side to share.  I’m a giver.  What can I say?

La Cucaracha

The challenge is pushing the designers to their edge but it's an especially bad day for Kimberly... Nothing is going her way. And, as if she wasn't stressed enough, a cockroach joins the team and sends her shrieking.

Yeah… It’s New York City.  Cockroaches are a rule and not an exception.  Did you hear the laughing from inside the walls when you killed him?  Those were the legions of his brethren laughing at your fear of one when you are surrounded by millions.  Muhahaha…. In other workroom news:  Joshua is “fustrated” with his look.  I’m fustrated with his English.  He asks Anya for some extra fabric but she’s not coughing up the kittens.  I guess she forgot about last week already.  How short the memory when it’s not your win at stake.  Kimberly, barely recovered from the roach scare, stains her fabric.  We’ve hit the “muttering to herself” phase of her meltdown.  She’s super struggling.  The frustration hits overload when she stabs herself in the finger with the sewing needle. Time for a good cry in the bathroom.  We’ve all been there.  I may be there after another glass of wine.  I give her credit though, because she just pulls it together with no drama, no screaming, all class.  You go girl.  Take those broken wings and learn to fly again… C’mon, you really thought you would get through an entire bird challenge without one Mr. Mister reference?  Not a chance.

The Feedback Is Not Good

Tim comes to the workroom to give his input on the designs and is overwhelmed by how quiet it is. That's the sound of fierce competition, Tim.

Tim tells Laura to ditch her second look and clues Anya into the fact that her arm holes are uneven.  But the piece de résistance is that Tim says “Qu’est ce que c’est” to Josh and he asks what a “guess g’say” is.  Wow, he screws up English and French in one episode.  It’s probably because they spoke those languages before he was born.  Tim is worried about Bert’s looks not being high-fashion.  Viktor needs color.  Kimberly’s second look is costume-y.  Tim is concerned about her in general and gives her the ol’ “You can do it!” pep talk and hug.  Tim rules.  Then to add insult to injury, Kimberly burns her dress… Poor girl.  It is not raining good times in her world.

The Wrench That Undoes The Wrench That Was Already Wrenched

Tim comes in and says they are actually only sending one look down the runway so they have to choose which one. Awesome news for Kimberly. Frustrating (or fustrating) news for the other designers.

Kimberly is saved but still she chooses to send the dress she did in 3 hours last night.  Josh watches Anya sew her model into her dress and is annoyed that she keeps sending clothes down the runway that she has to cut her models out of every week.  He insinuates that it’s time to call her out.  Hmmm…. There may be a whole different kind of feathers flying on the runway.  Look the bird jokes are right there.  I can’t help it.  If I see a ball sitting on a tee, I’m gonna swing for the fences.  It’s just how it goes.

Guest Judge

This week's judge is Francisco Costa, Women's Creative... Eh, you can read.

He looks thrilled to be there.  They must have just told him he’s judging bird outfits.

Week 11 Runway

Viktor vs. Kimberly


It's a very pretty dress but we all know I don't love me yellow.


Damn girl! That dress is smoking hot sexy.... Maybe less leg if you're showing that much boob but awesome. That's amazing for 3 hours turn-around.

Bert vs. Josh


Like the bottom... Kinda like the top... But I think it's not great. I'm gonna say he's in trouble.


Beautiful dress. Good job. And he kept it relatively simple. Mazel tov.

Anya vs. Laura


Fantastic dress. Shapes are great. She may not be able to get out of it but you know, details.


I like it but I can't say I've never seen it before.

Top & Bottom Three

The top 3: Anya, Josh & Kimberly. The bottom 3: Laura, Bert & Viktor

The good news:  Anya – Heidi loves her dress.  It’s fashion forward, edgy & cool.  She can see the raven.  Michael thinks she found the inspiration but didn’t do it literally. It’s interesting and flattering.  It’s Nina’s favorite outfit that Anya has produced.  It’s away from her comfort zone.  Francisco calls it urban goth with a great cut.  Josh – Michael says the cut is fantastic.  He loves the chain detail.  It’s beautifully draped, but the corsage was unnecessary. Nina loves that he embraced minimalism… for him.  It works very well and looks very modern.  Francisco thinks the exuberance of the bird is there without using the actual colors.  Kimberly – She throws Viktor under the bus for burning her first dress… Say what?  Michael says her 3-hour dress is cut so well, but he could live without the pearl detail. Francisco thinks the total look a bit mature but loves the mixture of fabrics. Nina likes the dress but thinks there is something a little beauty pageant about it.

The bad news:  Laura – Nina was impressed as well with hers.  It’s dramatic but she thinks the feathers are too literal. Heidi has seen it too many times.  It’s too “birdie” and the pants are too tight.  Michael thinks it’s edgy for Laura and he appreciates that, but it verges on costume.  Francisco thinks the cut on jacket is great.  Bert – Michael calls it Wonder Woman pageant-y (Ha… Good call).  The bustier is cut perfectly, but it doesn’t have the exuberance of the bird. Francisco says the shape is not new or interesting.  He can tell Bert wasn’t inspired by the challenge. Nina is disappointed and the silhouette is troubling. Heidi likes the pop of color as an element of surprise, but the execution didn’t work.  Viktor – Francisco thinks the colors are great and the technique of feathers is fascinating. Michael agrees that the work is great and colors are gorgeous, but it’s too literal. Heidi thinks his work is impeccable. Nina says it’s unfortunate because he went too far with the feathers and lost the lightness and balance.

It comes down to Bert and Laura for elimination. Bert goes home.  It’s not surprising and it was really only a matter of time.  Heidi could only save him so many times.  He wasn’t destined for Fashion Week.  What is good news though is that Bert leaves on a good note with all the designers and feels proud of what he was able to accomplish.  Aw, I love me a happy Bert moment.  We’ll miss you, buddy!

And The Winner Is…

Anya wins the L'Oreal Challenge and attends her photoshoot for Marie Claire.

Anya wins again and boy is Josh unhappy.  Backstage, Anya asks him what’s wrong and he is dying to rip into her but manages to keep it together.  This may be a first for Josh since we all know one good f-bomb can send him on a diva rant.  Good on ya, Josh.  Well played, sir.

Bottom Line: Next week, the last 5 eliminated contestants come back to help the remaining designers.  Guess we won’t get time to miss Bert just yet.


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