Project Runway Week 10 – Sew 70’s

One-Sentence Summary:  The 70’s are upon us again but this time it’s for the ladies.

My Thoughts:

Heidi's in a good mood today... Probably because she knows what's coming for the designers. Muhahaha!

Rachel:  Before we get to tonight’s business, can we talk about Project Accessory for a minute?  You know, the Project Runway spinoff that features accessory making. (In case you couldn’t have figured that one out on your own)  I’m not sure I’m buying into this concept.  How exciting can this be unless they go cuckoo with the challenges; like Hair Battle cuckoo?  Anyone else with me here?  Anyway, tonight we are visiting the 70’s again.  I think maybe the producers of the show are spending too much time at the pot dispensary (For medical purposes only, of course) this season.  However, before the designers even know what the challenge is, Viktor says he’s worried about the nastiness coming out… Ooh, foreshadowing? Will there be claws in the workroom?  Well, let’s find out!

I’m Having Flashbacks

Tim introduces Heather Archibald, Head Apparel Buyer, from Piperlime to the designers. She tells them that what's "on-trend" right now is the sophisticated 70's; wide-legged pants, flowing dresses, etc. So their challenge is to design a piece that is in line with the trend. The winner of tonight's challenge gets to have their piece produced and sold on Piperline. Knowing what they did to the 70's last week, Tim reiterates about 13 times that they're going for "sophisticated" looks. Duly noted, Tim.

So, one of the trends is the revival of the sophisticated 70’s…  Oh boy.  Here we go again.  Um, didn’t they see last week?  If I were Heather Archibald, I’d be a bit nervous handing this group this challenge.  At least it’s women this time.  Every time Tim says “sophisticated” what he really means is don’t do what you did last week.  Time to sketch!  Josh says he wasn’t living during the 70’s so that’s why he’s grasping for ideas… Yeah, I wasn’t alive during the reign of Queen Elizabeth but I still have an idea of what they were wearing.  It’s called culture… and by culture, I mean the movies.  Introduce yourself.

Pin It To Your Shirt

Somewhere between the chiffon and the tafetta, Anya loses her envelope of money. Being that we don't live in the time of the bartering system, she's pretty much SOL on buying fabrics. Her only option is to wait for one of the other designers to give her what they have leftover... which is $11.50 from Anthony Ryan.

So Anya has $11.50 worth of fabric and she also can use muslin.  Oh boy… This doesn’t look good for Ms. Anya.  I can’t even poke fun at her for losing her money because that is SO something I would do.  Yeah, it’s sad but true.  I’m the girl whose head is only still with her because it’s attached.  Everyone is up to help Anya except for Viktor.  He’s in the throws of competition and not willing to rescue the enemy.  That nastiness he was worried about… seems to coming out of him.

Spies Like Us

Stoking Viktor's fire, Kimberly lets him know that Josh looks to be pilfering his ideas. Meanwhile, Anya is still crying and Bert is reliving his days at Studio 54.

I do love that everyone is turning a suspicious eye on Josh, who is skulking around the workroom checking out other people’s work.  It’s totally fueling Viktor’s raging competitive spirit.  He even proceeds to tell Anya & Laura not to tell Kimberly that her prints are very “JC Penney”… even though it goes against the pact they made.  Oh, it’s getting all Lord Of The Flies up in here.

As if the room wasn’t tense enough, Tim tells them they have to make a second garment. Anya might want to pin that $50 to her shirt.  Back in the workroom, Tim is worried that Bert may be too stuck in the 70’s and warns Kimberly of too much “sexy” by making a midriff shirt and a short skirt.  Yeah, it’s sophisticated 70’s, not sophisticated slutty.  Josh needs to edit… What else is new.  And Laura needs to think about Nina who has a problem with her taste level… Oh, I had no idea that Nina had it out for Laura.  I may not be Laura’s biggest fan (You know how her entitled attitude bugs me) but I wouldn’t say she has issues with her taste level.  That seems strange.  Laura seems as confused by it as I do… Well, maybe she’s more irritated than confused.

Guest Judge

This week's judge is Olivia Palermo, Head Accessories Buyer for Piperlime.

Olivia Palermo… Wasn’t she on a reality show?  Wait… she was.  She was the mean girl on The City.  Man, I tell you I need to get me a reality show.  Apparently if you’re the mean girl on a reality show, you’ll end up with either an amazing job in the fashion industry or your own shoe line (Kristin Cavallari).  Dammit, why did my parents teach me that hard work is the key to success?  It’s clearly just holding me back from reaching my true potential.

Week 10 Runway


I hate the circle top. Who would wear that? Well who without a supermodel's body would wear that?

The jumpsuit on the other hand, is better. Her boobs are crazy though.

Anthony Ryan

Don't know how I feel but it's not 70's... It's, um... Well, the vest would be ok... with another outfit.

This is better. It's a bit tent-ish but I don't hate it. I think if it were tailored a bit more it would be a good dress.


Nina's gonna hate those shorts but I think it's fun. I would wear the top without the detachable skirt thing.

Oh, I like this dress. Simple but cute.


I don't profess to be a master of mixing prints but methinks this isn't how you do it. I don't get this.

I like the jumpsuit. Simple but cute... Wait, didn't I just say that?


I hate this. How unflattering are those pants? Plus, it's 80's not 70's.

The dress is 80's also but it's better than the first outfit... Though that's not saying much.


Damn girl, for $11.50 you worked out an outfit. Pants could use a half-inch but pretty darn good.

I would like this but the pants are not so much flattering. Look like clown pants.


He did an amazing job. I think he is definitely going to go to Fashion Week. This isn't my favorite look personally, but it's a really well-done suit.

I like the dress too. Great critique... I know.

Top & Bottom Three

Kimberly is safe. Anthony Ryan, Josh & Laura are in the bottom 3. Anya, Bert & Viktor are the top 3.

The good news – Heidi thinks Viktor put together two great looks but the suit could be sexier.  Michael agrees and says the T-shirt kills the sex, even though the t-shirt, on its own, is great.  Nina loves the beautiful tailoring.  Heidi thinks it’s impressive what Anya did for $11.50 and likes the print of jumpsuit.  Michael doesn’t like the color of the shirt but likes the work in the back.  Nina loves the print jumpsuit and thinks it looks expensive.  Heidi likes the fabric of Bert’s blouse a lot.  The shorts are too short but she doesn’t mind it.  She also likes the dress and thinks it looks expensive.  Michael likes the blouse because women love to show their shoulders.  He also likes that Bert showed two sides of the 70’s.  Nina would buy that top and thinks the other look is really beautiful.  Olivia loves the first look.  She also likes the neutral dress and thinks the silver ends on the belt make it look expensive.

The bad news – Heidi likes Laura’s pantsuit but not the two prints together. Nina hates the top and print together and doesn’t think the jumpsuit will read online. Michael said it’s not fashion…  Looks like clothes but not what’s next.   He thinks Josh’s outfits are “schizo”  and the plaid pants go against any fashion law of nature.  Heidi says it’s the worst she’s seen in a long time.  Nina thinks it’s a horrendous choice of fabric and that he has an edit problem that is not going away.  Olivia thinks Anthony Ryan’s dress looks like a tent.  Nina calls it hippy dippy but not in a good way.  She doesn’t like length of the skirt or blouse either.  Heidi says it looks like a schmatta (Ha… I do love a good schmatta).  Nina says she’s looking at two boring girls that are part of a cult.  Yeow.

It comes down to Anthony Ryan and Josh for elimination.  It’s Anthony Ryan that is out… Say what?  I am so confused.  I didn’t like his first look either but am not sure I agree with the depth of hatred for the dress; especially in light of how truly atrocious Josh’s pants were… And his absurd bitching about not being alive in the 70’s to be able to know what they wore.  Josh really should have gone home today.

And The Winner Is…

Anya's jumpsuit grabs her the win and will be sold online at Bert gets a bonus win and will have his dress sold on Piperlime as well.

Again, confused.  I can’t see how the pants on that jumpsuit are going to be flattering on anyone under 5’10” and over 115 pounds.  I am glad Bert got a little win as well.  He keeps his head above water another week.

Bottom Line: I sit in protest of this week’s decisions.  Well, mostly I sit because I’m lazy.


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