From The WTF Files: It’s Good To Be A Gangsta… Tooth Fairy

New this season on HSN… The Dentist Collection.

When you care enough to extract the very best...

Melissa:  WHAT THE… ??  Um, yeah… SOOOOO many thoughts not to mention questions.  Is this what happens when the tooth fairy goes bad?  “MWAHAHAHA, your teeth are mine, bitches!!”  Or is this fashion jewelry gone terribly wrong?  Talk about a statement piece… “Look at what my parents gave me for my acceptance to dental school!!”  Or I guess maybe it’s something to do with one of your kid’s teeth… A strange and twisted thing to do with it, but I’m sure there’s some crazy parent who would think this is such and endearing way to show how much they love their child.  “My Tommy is off to school, maybe I’ll make a ring of his baby molar so I can always have him with me.”  And then like in the Beastmaster, the tooth ring allows her to see her son, or maybe sense what he’s eating… Hmm, have to work that part out, but I totally see this on a Syfy show!  Sorry, got caught in the moment.  Sadly, the link to the original etsy site was no longer available – the backstory on this has to be fantastic!

Rachel:  Yes, the original piece is gone but there is a wealth of other tooth rings available; including the “conjoined tooth ring”.  Personally, I have no interest in wearing anything that used to be attached to someone’s body.  To that end, I also have no interest in wearing anything containing the word “conjoined”.  I think they could have thought that one through a minute.  I do think the Diamonelle chip adds that touch of class everyone is looking for in their human remains jewelry pieces.  Could this be the new trend in engagement rings?  This would go perfectly with an Angelina-Billy-Bob-inspired vial of blood necklace.  Now, that’s how you get dates.

See the selection of tooth rings at


2 responses to “From The WTF Files: It’s Good To Be A Gangsta… Tooth Fairy

  1. OMG and ewe! I think the backstory will probably be something like this:

    “Yo check dis out, yo’member when I popta cap in dat homeboyz azz las month ight? ..ha..ha ..I gots me sum bling.”

    Or something like that, I can’t type gangster very well, let along speak it. 🙂

  2. That would be “alone” not “along”.

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