From The WTF Files: Well, That’s Crappy

There are bad tattoo ideas and then there is this…

Your tattoo looks like shit! Why, thank you.

Rachel:  I’m at it alone this week as my partner is gallivanting about Disney World in her princess tiaraThis is somewhat of a problem as I am at a loss for words on this one.  I mean… I don’t… It’s not…  SHE TATTOOED A GIANT STEAMING PILE OF CRAP ON HER BACK!  Who does that???  Well, I guess she does that… But why?  Why on all that is holy is that your statement to the world?  Look, many of us have become victims of bad tattoo ideas. (Exhibit A: The purple & green yin-yang on my bikini line… Hey, I was young.  Sue me.) Clearly, I get that.  But this… This passes over bad, careens past wildly idiotic, and slams right into the land of worst ideas ever.  I can’t even come up with a plausible explanation as to what would posses someone to choose this.  Do you make a living shoveling dung?  Are you a hooker who specializes in Cleveland Steamers… although that would make more sense on her chest?  Did you let your angry ex-boyfriend tattoo you?  Oh, it’s all so perplexing.  And quickly before I go, might I recommend that she undo her belt one notch?  She’s far too skinny to have muffin top.  Just here to help… Well, judge first.  Help second.

(Photo credit:  <— Check out the site.  This is only the tip of the bad tattoos iceberg.

2 responses to “From The WTF Files: Well, That’s Crappy

  1. she didnt ask for that tattoo the tattoo artist did that to her without her knowing in dayton ohio

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