RHONJ – Get to the Punta! – 100 or less

Who doesn't love vacation photos? Naturally, Melissa Gorga treats Punta Cana as a vacation Step and Repeat

Melissa:  Is it mean that I find it funny Teresa “lost a luggage” (nice grammar btw)?   Clearly the “kids’ villa” is where the only fun will happen on this trip.  Really, an “I can’t decide fashion show” from Teresa (eye roll)??  I’m thinking drinking games* might not be the best idea for this crew (me however…  coping mechanism).  Teresa is clearly itching for a fight and Kathy gives her the perfect opportunity… and this my friends is why it’s not a good idea to take a trip with people you don’t want to be with.

*Two Winey Bitches drinking games are completely appropriate… for example:

  • Every time Teresa screeches “Miliania!!!” – drink!
  • Every time you want to slap Ashley (and/or rolls her eyes at anyone) – drink!
  • Every time Joe Gorga makes a foul sexual innuendo – drink!!
  • Every time Teresa uses a word like “ingrediences” – drink!
  • Every time Albert Manzo makes and appearence – A toast… to Albert!

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