Project Runway Week 6 – The Art of The Matter

One Sentence Summary:  Tonight the designers are creating avant-garde outfits inspired by art that is created by students at the Harlem School Of The Arts.

The offending sock garters... Just. Not. Right.

My Thoughts:

Rachel: As those that have read my previous posts know, this is generally where I like to take a few (deserving and not) pot shots at Heidi.  However, I must just this space to address something that was highly upsetting to me tonight.  It may have slipped past some of you but not me.  No, there they were staring me in the face. That’s right… Joshua M.’s sock garters.  And not just sock garters… Sock garters & dress socks with shorts!  Did he age 50 years and move to South Florida?  That’s just uncalled for.  I’m sorry.  And in front of Heidi’s Louboutins! Have you no respect for the red sole, Joshua?  Usually, you make me laugh… but tonight, I cry.  Cry right into my glass of J. Lohr Cabernet.   And nobody likes a salty wine… Now it’s got hints of cherry, chocolate and sadness. At least, we still have fashion…

Peace in the Middle East Side

With everyone in her apartment gone, Becky moves in with the remaining ladies.  It’s not easy dropping in on the popular girls but everyone pretends to be cool with it.  Over in the guys’ apartments, peace is made with Bert & the Joshes celebrate their reunion.

We start the show off making truces.  Boys and girls alike.  Um, what the hell?  Thing were finally cooking with gas last week.  What’s with all the warm & fuzzy?  Come on… Don’t quit on me now.  The answer is, “No, we cannot all just get along.”

Fun With Paint

The designers are introduced to their inspiration this week… They will be collaborating with a student from the Harlem School of The Arts to create a painting which will, in turn, inspire their avant-garde designs.

I thought Viktor was going to have a coronary when he found out he was going to be working with children.  I find this rather ironic considering his penchant for dressing like Little Lord Fauntleroy.  Maybe he doesn’t like the competition.  Either way, I think this is a pretty cool challenge.  I don’t recall this being done before.  And “avant-garde” is always a fun runway with the designers pushing the limits of crazy.  And we all know how crazy their crazy can be.

The Next Dalai Lama

Everyone is painting and sharing with their paired student.  Laura shares that she was in the bottom last week and she didn’t like it at all.  Little did she know she was about to get schooled not only on art but also on life as her student tells her that “Failure is just an opportunity in disguise.”  Now, there is some sage advice.

I love when a child teaches an adult something so meaningful.  There is some awesome parenting happening there.  I actually feel a bit more enlightened having heard that as well.  So, if nobody reads my post tonight, I will just consider it an opportunity.  Maybe.  Meanwhile, the other designers are creating some really cool paintings with their students.  The warm and fuzzy continues.  It’s kind of nice.  And that’s not even the wine talking.

A Very Special Workroom Moment

Tim stops by, gives his two cents to everyone and reminds them that this challenge is avant-garde so push the boundaries, people! Meanwhile, Josh M. dedicates his outfit to his mother whom he lost to ovarian cancer. Bert finds some sympathy in the usually hostile room when he shares his story of being a widower.  Group hug.

Um, did I lose 50 IQ points during the commercial break?  Why did we have to have the challenge re-explained to us with pictures?  I get that “avant-garde” isn’t the most common phrase being tossed around at dinner parties but it’s not like we’re trying to learn quantum physics in an hour.  I think we’re all good with the concept, but you can continue to repeat the phrase 100 more times if it makes you feel better.

And while I appreciate the touching moments with Josh M & Bert, it really gives me nothing comedic to work with.  I’m way out of my comfort zone here.  So, I’m just going to move on to Josh C. who lets Laura know that he was an eagle scout so he can put out any fires she might start while burning the edges of her fabric.  Ha… There are so many flaming jokes here I don’t even know where to start.  I wish this poor kid would come out of the closet.  The door’s already wide open.

Ball of Confusion

While everyone is busy finishing, Olivier is back in the corner moving at a snail’s pace and generally being confused.  Tim catches him gluing his dress to his model which is a giant no-no… and apparently, also confusing to Olivier.

Is it because he speaks the Queen’s English that he doesn’t quite get what’s going on around him?  I’m not sure but poor Olivier seems to have “Deer in Headlights” Syndrome.  I feel like he’s always just a bit baffled by his surroundings and the task at hand.  Perhaps all the repetitive “avant-garde-ing” was for him because he still seems a bit mystified by the concept.  Don’t think this is going to be his shining moment on the catwalk.  I’m psychic that way.

Guest Judges

Nina’s not with us tonight so her colleague from Marie Claire, Zanna Rassi, is filling in for her.
Kenneth Cole is the second guest judge tonight… not that you couldn’t read that on your own.

Where’s my Nina?  I feel abandoned.  I’m just glad they didn’t invite that scary Joanna Coles back this week.  And I love me some Kenneth Cole… I know he can be polarizing but I’m a big fan.  ‘Nuff said.

Runway Week 6

The 11 remaining designers present their art-inspired avant-garde …


Kimberly's Inspiration

I dig this. She rocked it out and didn't use any gold lamé!


Becky's Inspiration

I think she upped the ante from where she started. It's kinda cool. I think she'll skate through.


Olivier's Inspiration

I wouldn't really call this "out of the box thinking". It's rather boring... and naked.

Josh M.

Josh M's Inspiration

Super funky... I love it. Top 3 for sure. The netting, however, reminds me the Tin Man's head.


Bert's Inspiration

Wow... So, not good. She looks huge. And what's with the pillowy shapes stuck to her? I think he'll see the Bottom 3 again.


Viktor's Inspiration

I feel like I've seen a million blue & white "water-inspired" dresses on this show. It's not the most out there thing I've seen but it's a cool idea.


Laura's Inspiration

I like the design of the dress. It looks very well-constructed. I just hate the color. Looks like she got hit by a crate of eggs... but that's just my personal dislike of yellow.


Bryce's Inspiration

I think this is interesting. I like the crazy arms. I just wish it fit her better... Would finish the idea of a straight jacket if it felt more confining.

Josh C.

Josh C's Inspiration

Oh Josh, it was so much better before you dumbed it down. All the scary fox is gone and it's hardly avant-garde. I like the collar though...

Anthony Ryan

Anthony Ryan's Inspiration

I like the idea of the dress but not the execution. It looks like a bunch of fabric was just thrown on at the last minute.


Anya's Inspiration

I think this is amazing. She pulled it out this week and without anyone's help! I would put this in the Top 3 for sure.

Your Top & Bottom Three

Your Top 3 are Anthony Ryan, Laura & Josh M.  Bottom 3 are Bert, Josh C. & Olivier.

The good news – The judges love Josh M’s outfit.  They like how he painted the fabric and made it personal with the graffiti.  They like the contrast of the top & the bottom.  The texture is “spectacular”.  With Laura’s dress, they love the interplay of the corset underneath & sheer on top…. the soft & the hard.  They feel like she really got the inspiration right.  Heidi loves Anthony Ryan’s dress.  It looks sexy & modern.  He got the attitude right without being literal.  However, Kenneth Cole struggles with the construction.  Says it feels unfinished but does like the dress overall.

The bad news – Josh C. made a Victorian cocktail waitress’s dress.  It’s trashy and not beautiful.  He had such a powerful image to inspire him and he didn’t manage to work it to its fullest potential.  With Bert, the art & fashion are not in harmony.  She looks like a girl with a mishapen body.  It doesn’t feel modern but Heidi likes that it has a point of view (his saving grace).  Oliver’s dress looks sad which is confusing being that his painting is so vibrant.  The bottom looks cheap and there are too many details.  Overall, they were bored with his design.

Unfortunately, second time around wasn’t any more successful for Josh C. and he’s sent packing again.  I would have liked to have seen him stick around for the storyline but that’s not what we’re here for now is it?

And The Winner Is…

Anthony Ryan is this week’s winner.  He’s excited to finally be the bride and not the bridesmaid.

Yeah, I don’t get this one.  I am confused by their picks for the Top 3 as I would have thought Anya would have made it.  And I’m confused by this win since Josh M.’s outfit seemed so much better constructed than Anthony Ryan’s.  But it’s not up to me and I like Anthony Ryan… So I’ll let it slide… You know, since I have a choice.  I suppose that’s Josh M’s karma for the sock garters…

Bottom Line:  Great challenge but this week felt a bit somber.  Looking forward to it being kicked up a notch next week.


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