RHONJ – Belly Up & Up – 100 or less

The intervention continues as Ashley showcases the depths of her disrespect. Love Bravo's caption of this photo: "Ashley gets the shadows of cliche evil" - You just know there's a little mental MWAHAHAHAHA going on there.

Melissa:  Kathy has a food tasting for the ladies – to “embrace their inner Goddess”.  “Zen” Jen stops by to “smudge” (love her family’s collective reaction) for good energy.  Joe wasn’t so great at forging his ex-partner’s signature… busted.  Teresa… you need to listen to those “Jewish friends” and get out (um… huh??), and get rid of that chip on your shoulder while you’re at it.  Don’t ruin Kathy’s party when it’s not about you.  Ashley’s plan is still Cali in the spring – does she really think Bravo will follow her and do a spin-off??  Probably.

Rachel:  Ok, I know I disowned the Jersey Housewives a long time ago but maybe I actually still watch every now and again… Shhh.  Last night, was one of those occasions.  I’m not going to bother getting into Ashley’s hideous behavior and smug smile in the face of her mother’s breakdown… I’m happy to let that kind of karma play out on its own.  No, what I’m here for is Teresa… That’s right.  She made a comment last night that made me actually wake from the annoyance coma I find myself in when watching these women. So yeah… Teresa, I’m coming for you.  I’m looking you right in those bulgy eyes and asking just what the hell you meant by “your Jewish friends” are telling you to break up with Joe???  Don’t even play the “I didn’t mean it” card because you don’t call out a specific group of people if you don’t mean something by it.  We Jews may be small in number but we are mighty in “the industry”… You know the one that employs your boss, Andy COHEN?  I’m gonna fathom a guess here… Those Jewish “friends” of yours are probably not going to be inviting you over for bagels & lox anytime soon.  I suggest you learn to button that pasta hole of yours sooner than later.  Just sayin…


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