America’s Next Top Model – All-Star Season Preview

The Skinny:  Tyra and her models are back but you’ve seen these faces before.  This season we won’t be meeting 14 young aspiring ingenues.  We’ll be reintroduced to 14 past contestants back to win the coveted title of America’s Next Top Model. Tyra calls them “fan favorites”.  Yeah?  I’ll be the judge of that.

My Thoughts:

Tyra's back and she's telling it like it is. These are your favorite contestants and don't you forget it.

Rachel:  I was more excited than I’d like to publicly admit when I heard there was going to be an all-star competition.  I know the show finally got back on track last season with, to use a Tyra-ism, fierce fashion and high-end shoots.   And I know this might seem like a huge diversion but I’m not mad at these shenanigans.  Usually Tyra’s crazy ideas (Anyone remember Tyra-bot?) are just that, crazy.  But I think this could be fun and fashionable.  Oh, it’s gonna get nutty up in here!

The Models:

So exactly who is coming back?  Well, I’m glad you asked.  Let’s see….

Kayla - Cycle 15

Very excited to see Kayla coming back.  She was my favorite from Season 15.  I don’t get the memo on Ann.  I’m sorry.  Maybe I’m not “high fashion” enough but I missed the Ann obsession.  I was flame-haired Kayla all the way… though I’m digging the brunette look.  I’m glad she’s getting a second chance.

Sheena - Cycle 11

Hmmm… Ambivalent about Sheena.  There were so many bananas on Cycle 11 (Elena, Marjorie, Samantha) that I don’t remember if I liked Sheena or not.  I feel like it’s a “no” though.  And if I remember correctly, Sheena liked to play up her “thug life” attitude which I’m not buying into.  We’ll see…

Lisa - Cycle 5

Lisa is currently 30 which, I believe, calculates to 165 in model years.  After her stint on Celebrity Rehab, I doubt we’ll be treated to drunken nights of talking to a hedge.  However, Lisa is enough of a nutter sober that I’m sure we can expect some theatrics.  I think her picture is proof enough that we’re in for a wild ride with Ms. D’Amato.

Shannon - Cycle 1

Not gonna lie, I remember virtually nothing about Shannon from Cycle 1 except that she refused to pose naked due to her Christian faith… along with Robin “If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything” Manning.  It’ll be interesting to see where she “stands” these days.  Although seeing that she currently lives in Plainfield, Indiana, it’s probably pretty much in the same place.

Laura - Cycle 13

Oh look, they threw a shorty into the bunch.  Laura was on the 5’7″ and under season.  I like her but I have a feeling having her on the show is going to force us to endure endless commentary from Tyra about how Laura needs to try harder than the genetically gifted tall girls because she has a disadvantage… But she, like Tyra who was turned down by Agency after Agency, has to persevere.  Other than that, I’m a Laura fan.

Dominique - Cycle 10

Dominique is a fan favorite?  Say what?  Uh no.  I reject this totally.  Dominique and her talking about herself in the third person was annoying as all get out then and, judging from that ridiculous pose, she’s just as annoying now.  I’m hoping for an early exit.

Isis - Cycle 11

We all remember Isis, the first transgendered contestant on ANTM.  I like her.  I like that she’s getting a second chance.  I don’t like that pose.  Doing push-ups doesn’t exactly supermodel.  Just me?

Brittany - Cycle 4

I was never a huge fan of Brittany’s loud mouth but I did think she was one of the better models on Cycle 4.  She probably deserves a second chance simply because the only thing anyone remembers from her season is Tyra’s infamous “We Were All Rooting For You!” meltdown on Tiffany.  That really was reality TV genius.  So, I’ll give Brit Brit another chance.  In the meantime, can someone tell me why her left hand looks fake? Buster Bluth anyone?

Camille - Cycle 2

Um… I got nothing.  Crickets.  I remember the name.  And it ends there.  I even looked her up and still, crickets.  She’s got amazing legs… So, there’s that.  Bad fan, Rachel.  Bad.

Bre - Cycle 5

Ah, Bre of the Great Granola Bar Caper is back.   She was a big pot stirrer but I liked her.  She was fun.  I expect her to do a lot more pot stirring in the house and, considering the roommates this season, it should be fun to watch the pot boil over.  I’m puling for Bre to go far.

Angelea - Cycle 14

Oh boy… Angelea is back.  I have a low patience level for her but she does make for good TV.  I mean will anyone ever forget her “I’m in the club” walk during panel?  I assume that’s why she’s back.  I’m starting to think Tyra is lying to us with the “fan favorite” line.  Is she really a favorite?

Bianca - Cycle 9

Oh Bianca… Mean Girl Bianca.  She was trouble but not in the good way.  Again, not a favorite.  However, if she spends her second chance doing Posing 101 like she did in this picture, she’ll be gone before make-overs.  Is she trying out for A Chorus Line?  Wait, will they do make-overs to the “All-Stars”?  I can only imagine the drama if they decide to shave Bianca’s head again.

Allison - Cycle 12

I love Allison.  She has such an interesting face.  She like a living anime character.  Rumor has it she’s been spending her time as a cater-waiter and not a model.  Whoops.  I guess she really needs this second chance.  Maybe Lisa will put her in one of her electro-rap videos if this doesn’t work out for her.

Alexandria - Cycle 16

Really?  She’s back already?  I’ve barely recovered from her “Not a Chump. Word” rap from last season.  I’m not ready for her again.  There are so many better choices from her season like Jaclyn or Ondrei.  But we all know Alexandria makes better TV so we’re stuck with her.  Word.

My Pick:  There’s a lot of alpha females in this cast and there’s gonna be a whole lot of drama.  But they’re all pretty girls which I’m assuming is still what it’s about at the end of the day.  So, I’m gonna have to say that if Kayla can handle the drama, I think she can win it.

Let me know your thoughts on the cast and who you want to see take the top spot.  And don’t forget to tune in to the CW on September 14th!


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