Project Runway Week 2 – My Pet Project

One Sentence Summary:  I guess they knew they needed to turn up the heat fast and brought the “Unconventional Challenge” to Week 2.

My Thoughts:

Did someone just dare disagree with me?

Rachel:   Well, it’s Week 2 and I’m sad we don’t have Rafael to entertain us with his head scarves and one-liners.  Oh Rafi (my pet name), we hardly knew ye.

Speaking of pets… Tonight, the designers have to make outfits out of materials found at a pet store.  I am so glad I’m not a designer because that seems impossible…  unless of course you can actually use the pets…  Make a nice snakeskin skirt.  What?  Don’t give me that look while you sit there in your leather recliner wearing  your leather shoes.  Fine. Call PETA on me.  I’ll just say Michael Vick made me do it.  Someone’s coming down the runway looking like a plushie.  I’m calling it now.

Treading Water

Josh tells us that he’s a bit distraught after getting such a harsh critique last week and wants to just get by this week.

That seems like a good strategy… just get by.  I’m thinking you might want to take a look at that bulls-eye on your chest and realize you need to step it up and impress the judges this week.  Have you not been paying attention?  Heidi expects more than that.  In the words of Yoda, “Do or do not.  There is no try.”  Channel you inner-Luke, Josh, and may the Force be with you.

Bert In The Crosshairs

Bert has some breakfast with his new roomies.  While he’s enjoying his Chobani Greek Yogurt, Viktor lets him know that he’s got him in his crosshairs after winning Challenge 1.

The boys are not pleased that old-man Bert beat them right out of the gate.  He was supposed to be a non-factor in their fight to Bryant Park.  He’s in it to win it and now the claws are coming out.  I wonder if he’s going to wake up with a mannequin’s head in his bed as a warning.  This ain’t Sesame Street, Bert.  You’ve been warned.

How To Wear Dog Food

The designers find out that they are going to have to make an outfit out of items found in a pet store.  Notice that no one is smiling in the photo.

The designers scramble around the store like rats in a maze…  See how I threw an animal simile?  Clever little minx, I am.  Bam!  And there I go again.  It’s getting crazy up in here!  BTW, Bert asked if they were allowed to use live animals.  Tim  (and the rest of us viewers) can’t really tell if he’s joking.  See, I’m not the only one that went there.  Julie has bought about 100 lbs of dog food, Laura is investing in dog neck cones & Anya has depleted the store of leashes.  This should be interesting.

Missing Persons

Laura’s Pet Cone skirt leaves not enough to the imagination and she has to go back to the drawing board.  The rest of the workroom is feeling the heat of having to use unconventional materials to finish their outfits… Well, everyone except Bert.

Uh, Dale Bozzio called and she wants her skirt back.  I’m pretty sure this is what she wore in the “Words” video.  But Laura lets us know that she has been shopping at Nieman Marcus since she was in single digits, so she knows this is in poor taste.  Yeah, I’ve been shopping at Loehmann’s since I was in single digits and I’m right there with you.  That one doesn’t take Tom Ford’s taste level to figure out.   While Laura runs back to the drawing board & the other designers overuse the term “pee pad”, Bert is in the back singing about immunity and making a dress worthy of a third-grader.

Guest Judge

This week’s guest judge is Stacey Bendet of Alice + Olivia.

Oh she’s so cute.  She’s like the Ann Magnuson of fashion.  I do love Alice + Olivia clothing but must admit that I thought it was designed by two women named Alice & Olivia.  The website offers no explanation as to whom these two ladies (doggies?) might be.

Runway Week 2

The 15 remaining designers put their Pet Store creations up for judgement…


Cute outfit. I like that the skirt is made out of pee pads but you cannot even tell. Middle of the pack, I think.


I like what she did with the flowers but not sure orange & brown would be my first choice. Reminds me of Charlie Brown's shirt.


This turned out awesome! I love the collar on this. He's totally making the top 3... Team Anthony!


Bert Bert Bert... That is truly God awful. That dress couldn't say "I have immunity" more if it were actually embroidered into the fabric... But that would have actually necessitated doing something. Now, I like to play the "it's so bad, I could have done it" card a lot but I really could have done that. I actually think I did once... for Halloween.


Well, I'm glad she used the bags & not the actual dog food. It's meh... The back is cute with the striped flounce. If two more "Berts" roll down the runway, she'll skate by.


I like the top but it looks like the same top she did last week. Granted, that put her in the top 3 so she'll be safe.


Someone does this skirt every season... but this would be a first for doing it out of pee pads. The color is pretty but the outfit is pretty bad. Bottom 3... simply for the fact that the judges are going to be irritated by seeing this design, yet again.


I dig this top. Very funky although I think it must be hard to sit in as I can't imagine it's super flexible. Thumbs up for me.

Josh C.

I was kind of hoping he'd use the umbrella shape of the umbrella but, lest we forget, Josh was just hoping to get by tonight. Well, this certainly says that. He may be in trouble.


Take note, Bryce. This is how you do pee pads. You know, should it ever come up again. Very cute dress but it might be too safe for the Top 3.


I like this dress. I'm a big fan of the color scheme here... even if it's been done to death. Anthony's is the only outfit to blow me away thus far so I say this is a contender.


I like this outfit a lot but think the top could have fit better. I think the judges will lurve this and will definitely be a Top 3 choice.


And I called her Betsy again... I think her dress turned out pretty cool. I like the bright colors and it actually looks like it might last longer than one evening... not that anyone here would wear anything, gasp, twice.


First, let me just say that her model ba-lows. She's Zoolander up and down the runway. Laura saved herself with this skirt over the plastic see-through one.

Josh M.

Wow, Josh pulled it out. It was looking pretty shaky there with him making a "dog toy" top. This top is super cute and sparkly. I like.

Your Top & Bottom Three…

Top 3 are Anthony, Olivier & Josh M.  Bottom 3 are Bryce, Joshua C & Fallene.

The good news:  The judges love Anthony’s birdseed dress and think the belt and collar are great touches.  However, it’s too short… especially for Nina.  The love is also flowing for Olivier.  While one of them refers to his top as a “sherpa” top and question the fit of it (ahem), they are impressed with his execution and tailoring.  Finally, they are all giddy about Josh M’s top and the way the aquarium stones were designed.  They also are impressed at how well the shape of the top & skirt work together when traditionally it would most likely not.

The bad news:  Well, we knew Bryce would get skewered and he did.  Badly.  Nina said it looked like something from the Blue Man Group.  Heidi said that he used pee pads and it looks like he used pee pads.  They all lamented seeing yet another tissue dress walk down the runway.  Fallene cannot defend her outfit from the bad fit up-top (she looks like “boobs & legs”) to the poor color choice which concerns the judges.  Finally, Josh C is on the chopping block again.  They think he missed the point which was to use unconventional materials by using all fabric.  This gets him sent home…  All before his new “friendship” with Josh M was able to blossom before our eyes.

And The Winner Is…

After some back & forth between Heidi & Nina, Olivier is crowned this week’s winner… but Heidi makes sure she calls out Nina for overruling her when she tells Anthony he is safe.  The Queen has spoken.

Olivier accept his win and “speaks foreign” again.  I’m just wondering how he spent 16 of his 22 years growing up in Ohio yet has such a thick British accent.  I also want to know why he’s called “All-i-ver” when his name is spelled “Oh-liv-ee-ay”.  Perhaps, he & I could sit down for a spot of tea and discuss.

Bottom Line:  Another good week but I’m still waiting for the personalities of the designers to come out… and to start rubbing each other the wrong way.


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