RHONJ – a Very Jersey Christmas – 100 or less

I can almost feel my ears bleeding every episode - thanks Joe... douche

Melissa:  Who doesn’t love Christmas Jersey style??  Big hair, big presents and big drama – at least everyone else is woken up at the crack of dawn’s ass by their children.  Teresa loses Joe to Kathy’s party.  The family jewels are revealed at the Manzos.  Ashley is still an ungrateful twit.  Melissa gets a music studio at the house to further molest my ears, then boycotts sex as a thank you because it’s Jesus’s birthday (well played sista).  Christopher’s ball busting about Albie being a smitten kitten over Alexa Ray Joel is priceless!!  Seriously, these two need a sitcom.

Plus a few more… just for Albert!!

Albert proving once again why he's so awesome

OK, now I have to give proper shout out to my adorable Albert.  How sweet and sentimental is he – the same spot he first asked Caroline to marry him??  Yes, this goes outside the 100, but I won’t put him in that box!!  Albert Manzo, if you read this… I adore you and how much you love your family!!


One response to “RHONJ – a Very Jersey Christmas – 100 or less

  1. What a joy to find someone else who tihnks this way.

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