From The WTF Files… Art Is Subjective

Proving Once Again That “Art” Truly Is Subjective

Just your friendly neighborhood mascot.

In a rare moment of “walking in LA”, I happened to look left down a driveway and was startled to see a giant man staring back at me.  I took a quick snapshot because I wanted to make sure I wasn’t dreaming when I described it to friends later.  I tried looking it up online but, not surprisingly, “naked man art on West Hollywood rooftop” didn’t generate many answers.  Certainly generated some interesting recommendations for websites to check out… maybe later.  For now, Melissa & I take a stab at coming up with the story behind the Naked Man Art. As always, your thoughts are welcome.

Rachel:  Upon first glance, my immediate thought was, “That’s a serious homage to John Holmes?”  (Click here if the name doesn’t ring a bell or if you think I have a very warped perception of what the Hollywood film composer looks like.)  I mean I am in LA so you never know.  Then I was reminded of John of “Ponch & Jon” fame from the classic show CHiPs… The LAPD sign would make more sense if that were the case.  But he didn’t have a porn mustache…. but he did have an action figure which I owned for reasons I choose not to share at this time.  It quickly dawned on me, however, that the real question here is “why” and not “who”.  What would possess someone to think to display a naked man from the disco era so prominently on their property?  And why is he naked save a Three Musketeers glove?  Is he going naked fencing?  And while I appreciate the attention to detail, I’m pretty sure I didn’t need to know he was a natural blonde.

Melissa:   Yeah… um… I don’t see Johnny Holmes as much as I see the old Brawny guy… which will now make me feel very dirty the next time I use a paper towel in the kitchen.  I do like the silver balls, makes it feel Christmas-sy.  Not that I’m often giving naked men for Christmas.  I mean there was that one year, but that doesn’t REALLY count.  What sort of makes me scratch my head (because the roof sized naked man painting doesn’t – and that might need to be mentioned in therapy – is the “LAPD Employee Parking Only” sign… I mean is this a nod to the homosexual members of the force (and no, I’m not mocking the LAPD or any PD for that matter… I adore a man in a uniform!!).   A little eye candy or is it taunting?

Also, is it just me but what’s up with those nips??  Is he planning to start breast feeding?  I can’t stop staring at them.  You know they say cobras stare at their prey to almost put them in a trance-like state before striking… I’m right there.
I DO appreciate the artist(s) taking the time to manscape their creation… grooming is so often overlooked!!


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