Real Housewives of New Jersey – Teresa’s Got a Gun

Melissa:  I know, we said no to NJ – but these are my people… and I’m too lazy to remove it from my DVR.  Honestly the ability to use the phrase “c*ck rings in the Catskills” was too big of a draw for me – so here’s a wrap up in 100 words or less.

The crew takes off for some fun in the Catskills (by fun I mean booze and guns) – I haven’t seen this much culture shock since Witness!  There’s interesting insight to Teresa and Joe’s marriage that includes showing the viewing audience his c*ck ring – OMFG, REALLY TERESA?!  BOUNDARIES!!  But, the man CAN do a split  – color me impressed.  Kathy’s going put her cooking skills to use and become a caterer.  Anyone else scratching their heads over that crazy train?  Finally, more of Joe Gorga’s lecherous behavior – I swear that man repulses me more each episode I watch!

Note the look of “Calgon take me away” on her face!


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