Real Housewives of New Jersey – Holidazed and Confused (in 100 or less)

Melissa:  Christmas time in Jersey yo!!

Sadly I watched with the windows open (appreciate my not posting the video). Anyone know how to get rid of the stray dogs and cats who were attracted to the caterwauling??

Melissa still aspires to be the next Mariah – MY POOR EARS!!  Joe and Teresa show off their new no furniture decorating skills… a picnic room – way to make lemonade kids!  Housewife wannabe Kim G is back?  Say it ain’t so Bravo!  Kathy’s still dreaming big with the restaurant – my reward for her silliness… Albert laughing in her face – awesome!  Jacqueline throws the Christmas (can’t we get along) cocktail party and swaps clothes with Joe Gorga – to the amusement of all.  Melissa seizes the opportunity and invites everyone to her Christmas party!


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