From The WTF Files… Why Should Jeggings Have All The Fun?

Why Should Jeggings Have All The Fun…  Introducing Junderwear!

Behold! Japanese JeanPants!

Just when we had recovered from the Freedom Bra, our eyes were assaulted with this.  The website describes these as “pert, durable and oozing zeitgeist appeal.”  Oh, and they are unisex.  We kinda think they are more like “anti-sex”.


Melissa:  Holy Fancy Balls!!  I sit here at my desk… in an open office environment mind you… biting a hole though my top lip to contain the laughter – which I KNOW will come out as a snort – thus then resulting in the entire office turning to see me red faced with tears in my eyes (I have learned my lesson with drinking anything prior to opening one of Rachel’s links).  But wait, are you kidding me $63??  I totally would have bought them as gag gifts at Christmas if they were $25!!

Then I started wondering the type of man who buys these… then the type of woman who then says “Oh Big Poppa, you looking hot in those.  I need some of that”.  Now, sadly I look around the office imagining if I actually work with anyone who would rock the JeanPants…

Rachel:  Holy Bulging Balls!!  I just… This can’t… I don’t… Why????  To be honest, when I first saw these, I wasn’t sure if these were meant to be worn under clothes or as clothes.  After reading that they are meant to be worn under, I still am concerned about them being worn as clothes.  I remember the boxer-shorts-as-pants fad in the 80’s…  Let’s not pretend this isn’t a public nuisance waiting to happen…. for both men & women.

I like to think I’m pretty open-minded but I really don’t need to be sorting laundry and saying “Hey babe, are these jundies yours or mine?”  File that under things that are not sexy.  This is one fad Japan can keep.


3 responses to “From The WTF Files… Why Should Jeggings Have All The Fun?

  1. ok, my sides hurt I am laughing so much! I may have a picture of you, Rachel, wearing boxer shorts in public somewhere…hee hee. Love your blog, I read it whenever I really need a good chuckle 🙂

  2. Jundies…haha. That word alone made me laugh…

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