Bethenny Ever After – “Don’t Get Fat and Bloated” / “Break ’em Early”

BTW... anyone else seeing Nicholson's Joker here??

Melissa:  I’ll be honest; I really have no idea what this episode is about, nor do I understand what the title means other than I consider it a personal attack telling me I’m looking fat and bloated… give me a break, my kid’s Easter Basket is right there for the grazing people!!

I appreciate some folks may have never experienced a bidet before… and well, it IS refreshing, but at least we keep our enthusiasm private.  Really Bethenny??

WHOA… OK… lemme get my soap box for a second (crap, I’m only 5 minutes into the episode)… OK, this is the woman who was all freaked out by paparazzi when she’s out getting a coffee with her daughter yet she has full on dropped the front of her dress (twice)… IN THE HALLWAY OF THE HOTEL!  Her assistant goes back to the room for a bra, but Bethenny would rather change in the hallway… um… sure.  My head is about to spin off with this woman.

Deep Thoughts… on Nannies and… dogs?

The train of thought in this one’s station is mind boggling!!  It’s OK though, Dawa’s first day with Bethenny… she scores big being a former hairdresser.  Oh Dawa you clever little minx – Gina who??

Granted these are the same people who commented being in Canada was like being in another country, so I guess I shouldn’t be too shocked.

Wait, Bethenny went to the finals for SWTS??  There was a final?  WOW… how did I not watch that debacle?  Guess I’ll get to see the end result next week… since I’ll clearly not bother to Google it.

Wrap up:  Apparently the folks at Bravo heard a few complaints because the name of the episode and changed it from the oddly titled “Don’t get Fat and Bloated” to the even stranger “Break ’em Early” – I think maybe I should reach out and tell them in my winey bitch way not only does the show kind of suck, but their episode names are even worse.

At least we get a little Dance Party USA action out of the crew this week (gotta love the “Drunk Girl Arm Wave”) – and mad props to those of you who know their Dance Party.


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