America’s Next Top Model – Week 8

One-Sentence Summary: It’s time for go-sees which will factor heavily into which girls get to go to Morocco.

Tyra Heard I Wasnt Feeling Well. I Appreciate The Concern.

My Thoughts:

Rachel: A bit under the weather here so my wine glass has been replaced by a mug of Calm Tazo tea and a giant cup of frozen yogurt tonight.  I’ll have you know, frozen yogurt is the one of the forgotten traditional cold remedies… after tea, vitamin C, chicken soup & rest.  It’s like the fifth Beatle.  The fifth chocolate-peanut-butter-twist-with-shredded-coconut Beatle.  Mmmmm…. Wait, what were we talking about?  Oh yes, models.

I don’t know if it’s the fake sugar high or what but I’m digging this season… er, forgive me… cycle more than I’ve liked any in years.  I actually think all the girls are viable candidates, including Kasia, a plus-sized model who is there because she is rocking it and not because Tyra wants a plus-sized model to win (cough cough Whitney cough).  The fashion is awesome and we are not being subjected to any ridiculous “Tyra as robot” shenanigans.  Kudos, Tyra.  Kudos.  Now, let me get back to poking fun.   You’re good a the smize.  I’m good at the snark.  We all have our own special gifts.

Hug It Out, Bitch

Brittani & Alexandria make peace… ish.

Brittani seems appropriately contrite and everyone is breathing a sigh of relief.  Am I the only who is noticing that the rest of the girls feel the same way about Alexandria but aren’t stepping up to get Brittani’s back? “We all put it out there”… No you didn’t.  You didn’t put boo out there.  Look, I get what she did at the shoot last week was way out of line but the rest of the girls were right there egging her on.  Left their girl twisting in the wind.  Bitches.

The More You Know…

Tyra lets us in on a secret… that she modeled in Paris.  I had no idea.  She also announces where the international destination is this year.

Tyra modeled in Paris?  When she was 17?  After everyone in America denied her and her Fivehead?  I hadn’t heard this story before.  {{{Insert eye roll}}} However, I do love that she made the models spell.  He he…

It’s Good To Be A Local

The girls have 5 hours to traverse LA and go to 4 go-sees before meeting at Lana Marks for the final go-see.  Shockingly everyone made it on time but not everyone made the cut.

Ok, having lived in LA for 15 years, I can say with 100% certainty that knowing the way around the city is an overwhelming advantage.  That places is a mess. Jacqueline comes from a 1 stoplight town. Alexandria lives in LA.  Why is it tragic that Jacqueline only made 2 and Alexandria made 3?  Shouldn’t Alexandria have made all 4?  And in what reality would you not be able to ask a driver for help?  I call shenanigans on these rules.  That’s right.  I threw down the shenanigans gauntlet.  What say you, Tyra?

They Just Never Learn

The girls do another photo shoot with Nigel, in a trash dump.  Molly apparently missed the point of last week’s panel.

Sigh… Molly, sweetheart, were you not at panel last week?  Models are to be seen and not heard.  Bitching about the shoot, in front of Nigel nonetheless, cannot be a smart career move now can it?  Maybe she was still all discombobulated from having had to spell. Either way, girl is so gonna hear about this in panel.  Keep pissing off Tyra girls and we’re gonna see a scene to rival the “I’ve never yelled at a girl like this in my life” event.  Muhahaha…

Panel In Under A Minute

Molly does get called out as predicted but a surprise decision is what makes this panel interesting.

So much good stuff in panel that a minute is really pushing it.  Brittani is exonerated.  Molly is reprimanded.  And Jacqueline is sent home.  I’m really surprised about Jacqueline and, again, have to go back to the fact that she only technically went to one less go-see than Alexandria.  I guess Tyra didn’t get the memo about the shenanigans gauntlet.  Oh well,  looks like the blondes have it this season. 


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