Bethenny Ever After – “Ice Castles and Hassles”

Bethenny's attempt to drop it like it's hot...

OK, with a title that gives a shout out to one of my favorite movies… this week has to be better than last week’s ‘Come to Jesus debacle’ right??  Bethenny’s trying to plan her 40th birthday celebration… because we need to celebrate her!  Hopefully if there’s a little booze we’ll be treated to inappropriate behavior (fingers crossed)!!

SWEET MARY AND JOSEPH… there’s drunk dancing!!

  Can I get a WOOT-WOOT Ladies

“Skating with the Stars”

Wait, did that show last past the intro episode?  I remember a blur of sequins and hair – but that was just Johnny Weir… I honestly don’t remember the actual show, though I’m sure it was deliciously horrid… plus people falling down always makes me chuckle.

Trouble in Paradise?

Do you have my balls or did you leave them at home?

Apparently Miss Bethenny is having a few issues allowing her husband to speak… much less share in any decisions… or ideas.  So a comment after my last post was the following: he’s “nothing but a sperm donor husband she’ll dump after the 2nd kid!” – point taken WB… poor Jason doesn’t even see it coming I’ll bet.

OK, I need to get to the birthday par-tay so I can watch the breakdown (I loves me a good irrational breakdown)… then maybe Bethenny goes out of the rotation.


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