From The WTF Files… Behold! The Freedom Bra!

We want to hear your thoughts on this as well.  We are still in shock…

The Faveo "Freedom" Bra

Melissa: Oh sweet Jesus in Heaven!!  That thing looks worse than the industrial grade breast pump I had in the hospital!!  And what prey tell do your fun-bags look like under a shirt with that thing on… like you’ve stuck plastic Easter egg halves under your shirt??

Rachel: I don’t even know where to begin.  This can’t be for real.  Even the model’s face looks like she thinks this might actually be a joke.  It’s like indentured servitude for your girls.  And look at her right boob… No, go ahead.  Look again.  It’s actually at a right angle from her body.  It looks like Raggedy Ann’s foot.  Or the first step on a climbing wall.  Or a muzzle… A boob muzzle.  Please tell me one of you out there has tried this.  That’s a story I need to hear.  Maybe.


5 responses to “From The WTF Files… Behold! The Freedom Bra!

  1. Hilarious. I want to thank you both for giving me that laugh. That laugh was swiftly followed by hot flash and engulfing mortification as I realized that not only had let loose a horn honk of a laugh, and the bite in my mouth was now partially on my computer screen, but I was indeed in a CROWDED Coffee House……….crickets……

    BUT I am not wearing that bra. Well done Winey Bitches.

    • LOL.. Now, that’s the reaction we were looking for. We pretty much had the same reaction when we saw that… thing. Say hi from the Two Winey Bitches to your new friends at the coffee shop!

  2. Okay. The guys perspective? No. One strap, and series of hooks is tough enough. But now two? Really? NO.

  3. Um, well, yep. I’m not offended. I’ll take two!

  4. Is this the free gift with purchase of the pajama jeans?

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