My Big Redneck Wedding – “Intervention”

Gotta love a show that starts with the following PSA: “Beverage Consumption is advised”.

Seems Miss Bonnie (or Bon-Bon as her family calls her) has traded in her “Redneck” roots for some Louis Vuitton,  plastic surgery and platinum cards.  Never fear, her family has a plan to that includes port-o-potties, ‘possum stew, and patty shooting (cow patties that is) – I can’t make this stuff up folks!!  Well maybe I could, but I would have NEVER though of shooting shit with a shotgun!  Oh, and let’s not forget the mud surfing and crane swinging – oh that neck is gonna be red again!!

Tell me you aren’t intrigued after watching this!!

Will they succeed??

Watch and find out… trust me, this is going to be the best worst thing today!!


6 responses to “My Big Redneck Wedding – “Intervention”

  1. This looks to be the makings of a great train wreck. I like the post.

  2. Esther Gonzalez

    I had not heard of this show! Starting to watch the link you posted and absolutely love it, lol. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Bonnie Batten Johnson

    I am humiliated that I just discovered this nightmare lives on.This is like Monica Lewinsky’s infamous “blue” dress that is still hanging in the closet in case they ever need to DNA test Bill Clinton’s body. I am the “Bon Bon” that appeared in this Grammy performance, and trust me, I shot the “shit”, I talked a bunch of shit and looked like shit! I wanted to hit my own self over the head with a beer bottle. I tried to be a good sport, but I turned into a bitch on demand. I will always wonder why????? Why the hell I did not puke or fast for 10 days, why I would nose dive into mud and crack my veneer….it was a travesty, Some crazy antics went down “behind” the scenes too….Ralph, my “DAD” accidently shot his pistol in the house and took out my mother’s Coo Coo Clock and one of the camera men….
    Everyone knows how this story ends! LOL!

    • Oh Bonnie, can we call you Bon-Bon? I will say I really did enjoy the show. I give you credit for agreeing to let it air, you have to love where you came from no matter what right? – Cheers to you Bonnie, way to be an awesome sport!

  4. Bonnie "Bon Bon" Johnson

    Thanks Melissa! If you ever need a third “Winey Bitch” to stand in, I would love to make fun of many others, and as “Drake” sings, ” Started from the bottom now we’re here…..” LOL!

    • We’ll for sure keep you in mind Bon Bon… you certainly deserve a little chance to poke some fun after being such a great sport about our poking.

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