Bethenny Ever After – “Business as Usual”

I don’t often like to fly solo without my partner in crime because as you all know, we are a bitchiness yin and yang.  That being said, I need to bring “Bethenny Ever After” into the blog rotation.  Now I’m a little late to this dance, but no proper sarcastic blog is complete without one of my favorite housewives Bethenny Frankel.  We’ve seen her ups and downs… breakups, breakdowns, knock ups and throw downs.  Her life is full and she has it all… but let’s just watch for shits and grins, a little bitchiness… and a whole lot of inappropriate comments!

Bethany likes to smother… I mean put her baby in the carrier and stroll around town only to be annoyingly stalked by the paparazzi… damn them!

Hmmm… you allow cameras in your home… is it only annoying when you aren’t getting paid for it??

’cause I can’t pass up a good va-jay-jay conversation…

really, it just makes me giggle – I couldn’t refuse.

“The Foodie Crawl” with her new foodie BFF…

Nick doesn’t eat red meat and has a mini panic attack (but he’s eating pulled pork which we all know is the other WHITE meat – just sayin’)… not the best of outcomes for the BFF day out.

I’ve  figured out why she has such large purses… it’s to carry around her ego and her douche of a husband’s balls… not my words folks… hers…

(btw, in my twisted world I consider douche a term of endearment).

OK, my take on Ever After… there’s a reason she was a successful housewife… she needs the ensemble.  I equate this spin-off to “Joey”… but you know I loves me some bad TV and deliciously inappropriate comments… so watch this space…


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